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Originally Posted by kappys View Post
...its not just Manning...
Agree, it's not just Manning. But it is Manning more than anything else. He's that good.

In 2010 with Indy he got sacked 16 times in 16 starts. In 2011, without Manning, Indy QBs got sacked 35 times. So from 16 sackes to 35. More than double. Think about that for a minute.

Now last season Broncos QBs got sacked 42 times. This season? On pace for less than 20. From 42 to 20. Less than half. Think about that for a minute.

Now tell me, who/what is most responsible for the decline in sacks this season? Note I didn't say "the only thing" responsible. I just said "most" responsible.

My job is done here.

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