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Originally Posted by kappys View Post
Exactly - its not just Manning, and its not just getting rid of Tebow Either

Ryan Clady looks like he is back to form - he looks like he did his rookie season before the injury. I honestly forgot just how dominant he was back then but he right back into it both pass and run blocking

Zane Beadles I felt was the weak link. He was getting ragdolled out there. I don't know what the strength coach has done but he has really turned it around. He still struggles to move DT's right in front of him but he is able to hold his ground and he can really pull quickly for running plays and traps

Walton - by the end of last year he was already pretty good as pass pro. He looked about the same until his injury - still struggles to get out in front to run block. Koppen is actually rather similar

Kuper - solid pass blocker his entire career. There is a big drop off when Ramirez comes in though

Orlando - Last year he struggled against speed rushers but basically handled everything else. This year he seems to be much quicker getting into his backpedals. Technique and understanding better how to drive you guy past the QB in the pocket rather than just trying to stonewall him has resulted in very solid play from Franklin.

The Peyton Manning tide raises all boats but a lot of improvement comes from Clady being healthy, Franklin utilizing techniques to neutralize speed rushers and the remarkable strength improvement from Zane Beadles.
Excellent post - rep.

Kudos to the current coaching staff. Hopefully they will do for Walton next season what they have done for Franklin, Beadles, Clady and the rest of them.
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