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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Manning's ability to get rid of the ball is huge, but don't kid yourselves, this o-line is pass-blocking much, much better than last season. Tebow held on to the ball too long sometimes, but that didn't really have anything to do with Beadles, Walton, and Franklin getting beat like drums all the time.
I tend to believe that those guys getting beat like a drum was more bad coaching zero OTA during a transition to a new scheme and no ability to use dove valley for conditioning.

Very few issues this year after a full year offseason workouts, and conditioning.

Not to mention Mazu as their coach. I fully expect Beadles, Walton and Franklin to be long term starters.

Now I do not think they will play Cladys asking price therefore tagging him while they get a rookie OLT up and running.
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