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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Yes Cutlers mobility helped but the OL was very good that year.

Shanny had to stop calling boots in 2006 because teams learned that Plummer was better outside the pocket than inside it. Pitt kept Jake in the pocket during the AFC championship and other teams used that as a blue print and played boot 1st. Plummers play inside the pocket digressed to the point that he forced Shanny to replace him. His last game as a starter was pathetic on Thanksgiving vs kFc.

The reason Jake had his best years with us was because of Shanny's system.
Actually when Kubes left mikey hired dinger to replace him and they moved to the pocket passing scheme.

Even though they KNEW the OL had not been built to pocket protect. It had been designed for ZBS and roll it passing off of great fakes to the RBs.

They did this knowing that Jake was ill equipped for running this and that Mikey's heart throb cutlet was ..

Mikey learned the hard way when he promoted Greise over locker room favorite Bubby. He knew he could not do the same thing as Jake was the undisputed leader on Offense. Jake and mikey never got along much the same as John and Dan had to have a buffer in mikey. Kubes filled that bill kept mikey up of Jakes back. When Kubes left and dinger mikey old time college bud came to town, they changed the scheme Jake knew his time in DEN was over. But also knew of Mikey's fubar with Griese.

So he simply sabotaged him by first drafting, then the change in scheme all the while pining for his boi.

A shame that mikey was such a back stabber. But in the end all involved in the scheme got their fate.

Btw I think Jake had his best years in Kubes scheme more so than mikey's.
Mikey was just the HC.

Since Kubes left the O was never as good.
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