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Rubin Carter

Dick Conner. Hands down. If you grew up in Colorado in the 70's-80's he was the printed "Voice" of Colorado sports, and nobody wrote about the Broncos better. One reason it is soooooo disappointing having to pour over the drivel we get now. Great read from the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame:

Shef was probably the best since. I also like Terry Frie's work. He's another native who "gets it" when it comes to Colorado sports. Turns a good phrase as well.

My older brother is the same age as Reilly and crossed paths with him several times when Rick was at CU. Jeff had a couple of good buddies up there who would come down for DU hockey games and Reilly and the girl he was dating (first wife, I think) would show up with the group. My bro partied with them after the games (once he cleaned up). He always said that Reilly is one of the funniest guys he ever met. Real quick, with a sharp mind. Bit of a whiner, but overall, good guy. I know he has raised $24 million for $10 mosquito nets for kids in Africa to help reduce the spread of Malaria.
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