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If he has a D that can keep him within one score and he has the ball last in the 4th quarter then sure but when he has to win games passing and putting up points not so much.

Just look at his last 5 RS games last year. The Pitt game was a great moment but he struggled to start the game then could not take it over in regulation letting Pitt back in the game with a fumble if I remember right.

I think Tebows last 5 regular season games are the true indicator of what he is at the NFL level.
Of course you do, but there's no more reason to think that than to think the pair of 300 yard games he's managed are the true indicator of where he is at or can be at. The guy has been great and terrible at the NFL level, and which you think is more indicative of his ability reflects more on you and how a person feels about the guy than anything real (I include myself in this).

All that said, the talk of Sanchez being better than Tebow reminds me of the talk of Orton being better than Tebow, and we all know how that turned out.
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