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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Watching the Jets fail to figure out how to get any type of success out of Tebow only strengthens the case that McCoy is a good OC IMO.
It doesn't help Tebow when D's know he is only in there to run the ball. Most of his big plays running came from pulling the ball down in passing situations.

How many 3rd and 16's did he convert because defenses had to cover the WR's, a ton!

For Tebow to be effective running the Jets need to keep him in for a series or at least multiple plays and have him attempt some passes. As the D needs to stay honest in the passing game then the rush ops will be there.

Glad it is the Jets problem and not our anymore. I forgot how much I loved having a HOF QB on our team!

Go Broncos!
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