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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Cutlet saved his own bacon much of the time running for his life. It was not because those OL were stellar at all in pass protect. ESP jalopy when they changed briefly to pocket drop back in 06 after kubes left for HOU.

That was a real fubar at best. Think Mikey wanted Jake out so bad after he got his new toy that it was instituted but after seeing that the OL flat was not big enough to power pas block they moved to roll out more often.
Yes Cutlers mobility helped but the OL was very good that year.

Shanny had to stop calling boots in 2006 because teams learned that Plummer was better outside the pocket than inside it. Pitt kept Jake in the pocket during the AFC championship and other teams used that as a blue print and played boot 1st. Plummers play inside the pocket digressed to the point that he forced Shanny to replace him. His last game as a starter was pathetic on Thanksgiving vs kFc.

The reason Jake had his best years with us was because of Shanny's system.
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