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Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
This is a benefit of having someone like Osweiler on the team that many were not considereing.

I know I know Curtis Painter blah blah, but Oz actually has elite talent.

Peyton could go a long way in preparing Oz for the long term, and I read somewhere when Manning signed that he said he would take more of a mentor role than before
Before last year PM believed he was immortal. Would play forever and had a perfection complex that forced him to take every snap in practice.

Would love to know he the kid is getting some snaps and how much he has to be learning with each film secession and debriefing.

I know I have seen the two of them talking a lot after the debrief as well as with Mc Coy.

Which leads me to believe he will be more prepared than any other of his backups were.
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