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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
Anyone? Still curious about DJ hvaing play calling duties taken away from him in 2007. Can anyone back this up?
Well, I don't think there's any official statements about it. But, in 2008 the MLB was Nate Webster and DJ was moved back outside, so maybe that tells something.

2009, I think Dawkins had the green dot in 2009, maybe DJ had it when Dawkins was out.

2010, I think Dawkins again had the green dot, and maybe Mario Haggan was the backup green dot.

2011, I don't know, maybe Dawkins again, I think they searched around and I don't think it was DJ.

I think basically right now Denver is still searching for an everydown MLB to lead the D and wear the green dot. Brooking is the guy right now, Woodyard is the backup green dot. One of those two guys has to be on the field. DJ can sub in if Brooking is out.
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