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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
Lonestar thinks that being the vocal minority equates to superior intelligence. He clearly thinks he actually is the "Lone Star" on the OM opr anywhere else.

He's like those emo kids who don't understand the irony when they make fun of people who they say don't think for themselves.

LS doesn't think, he takes the temperature of the room and then picks up the least popular opinion and opines, thinking he must be special because he's the only one who gets it.
If you mean being logical opposed to emotional like a bunch of these "fans" are you are correct.

Because I can state my reasoning with out the pissing and moaning and all this'd but the the kiddies get it then I guess that make me superior.

Sorry if you do not get it and feel the need to play the EMO card.

Typical of those that failed to get their points across

I have said many time that I think it was not right but the rule is what it is.

Pissing and moaning about Goodell or his empolyees enforcing the rule as set down by the owners of the game is childish at best.

Should there have been a penalty on the OL but it was not called. Perhaps down the road there will be another rule about that.
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