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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
Didn't this all start when Brady went down a few years back with the knee injury on a similar play? EDIT: I think this is what started it all-

Seemed legit then, and it seems legit now. That's a football player trying to make a tackle, and an unfortunate result of Tom Terrific stepping forward at the same time Pollard was leaping forward. I don't have a video of Von's hit (if anyone could supply it, that would be great), but don't remember seeing anything "fineworthy" on sunday.

If the same thing happened to Manning, it (imo) would be an unfortunate turn of events, but I wouldn't be up in arms at all.

I think the majority of people on the Mane would realize that it's a normal hit, without malice, and completely within reason. This whole "90% of the OM would be crying" is pure speculation, just as my reasoning is.

Thanks Roger Goodell and the owners for pussifying my favorite game
it was exacerbated by the injury to Brady, Palmer's injury raised the issues of being hit low but Brady made them fly into action due to the outrage at one of the game's top players being out for the year on a hit that shouldn't have happened in theory.
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