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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Up from 3.86? Pick 22 carries a game. Those extra 3 yards a game will fix the short yaraage situations? Only if those 3 yards are all on 3rd and one which I highly doubt you can use as a basis for 4.0

I will lean on point differentail as a key metric to validate future success and Denver is +9 per game which is 5th in the NFL and a reason why I say the running game is adequate to win the Super Bowl right now

Getting better in short yardage will always be a goal
Actually, the Broncos have been averaging 27 rushes per game. To reach 4.0 ypc by the end of the year (with a 27 rush/game average), the Broncos will have to gain an additional 816 yards on the ground in 190 carries...that's about 4.3 ypc for the remainder of the year...which averages out to 116 ypg rushing. Right now, we are averaging 102 ypg.

I think the additional 14 ypg rushing with the same amount of carries is a good goal. It's an extra half a yard per rush. We would be close to top 12 in rushing, which was Elway's stated goal coming into the year.

If you have any questions about the rushing goal, ask Elway.
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