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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Average all the long runs and the short runs, and I stick with 4.0 ypc as a goal. I'm not changing it.

I'm looking for a little improvement, nothing major. Hillman needs to get the rock more, and be able to pick up first downs. He has to be able to be depended on....and Willis needs to be rested a little bit more so he can continue to be explosive and concentrate on holding onto the ball.

We are now in the second half of the season with a single-back set. The OL run-blocking needs to step up too...including Dreessen. Like Manning says, everybody needs to continue to improve.

Like I said, if the Broncos can improve to 4.0 ypc, you can find me camping out behind the Superdome until February. If you come searching, please bring some TP.
Up from 3.86? Pick 22 carries a game. Those extra 3 yards a game will fix the short yaraage situations? Only if those 3 yards are all on 3rd and one which I highly doubt you can use as a basis for 4.0

I will lean on point differentail as a key metric to validate future success and Denver is +9 per game which is 5th in the NFL and a reason why I say the running game is adequate to win the Super Bowl right now

Getting better in short yardage will always be a goal
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