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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
The problem with directing ANY hatred at the NFL for these things (and I do - I hate the new rules) is that the NFL is doing this stuff only due to the current attempts by the players to constantly claim the NFL isn't doing enough to protect them. The NFL has to protect the players from themselves and if they don't do a good enough job, more people just sign onto the lawsuits.

If the union were leading the charge on change in these departments, the NFL wouldn't have to. I think it's pathetic that the players are trying to hurt each other so often that the NFL has to step in while the union itself just stands back and cries about what the NFL is doing to its players.

Unions in general are for one thing.. What the players want. In general MONEY, no one on the D Side is in favor of making it easier for the QB or passing game no one of the O is in favor of making defending easier.

Now they will piss and moan publicly about making the game safer, then turn around as players and whine about the rules being changed or being enforced.

The union is on record but there is no real teeth in what they said. The players are warriors the union is coach speak.

There only job is to get more money for their millionaire players, from the billionaire owner.
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