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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
1. Where the hell have you been?
2. Wolfe should have been credited with 0.5 sack a couple games ago that Dumervil got full credit for. Wolfe also got robbed of a sack, on a questionable offsides call on Dumervil. He should have 4.5 sacks. That would put him on pace for about 8 this year. Not too shabby for a trailer park loner eh? As it stands, he's on pace for 50 tackles, and 6 sacks...which is good enough for me and will make him a strong candidate for DROY.
(A) Banned. (B) Wolfe has done a pretty solid job this year for a rookie. My comment was in jest. (C) To Broncos_OTM -- people wanted Lavonte David where we selected Osweiler.
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