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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I did not say it was, dirty or cheap, but it was not a legal hit according to the rules..

I do not fault Von for being the energizer bunny continuing to try.. in fact I applaud him for it..

But it was not a legal hit.. Plain and simple or the league would not have fined him..

your beef is with the owners they set the rules.. not with the commissioners office, they are doing their jobs....
My beef is with the commisioners office overextending themselves to fine plays that aren't fine worthy. Illegal hit and he got the flag for it, but finable hits are those where there is an intent to injure. Von just didn't quit on a play where he was pulled to the ground. If these types of plays ensure a penalty and a fine you are going to see the further pussification of the NFL because OL will just be taught to take there opposition to the ground because that player us basically taken out of the play and if that player keeps playing he's going to get penalized. Also defensive players will quit playing once they get knocked down to avoid letters from Goodell
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