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Malik Jackson

What worries me about this game is, let's face it, this is the Chargers whole season. They lose this game and it's pretty much over for them. The only question is, do they even give a ****? Of course, publicly they're going to say, "Let's win one for Norv" and all the other assorted hype. But does that team really care? I don't know.

I'm sure the Broncos are not going to take this one lightly, even though all the pundits are calling it for them. The Broncos are on a roll. This is also the most crucial game of the season for them. Win this one and they are in total control of the AFCW going into the lightest section of their schedule. Lose it, and their momentum takes a big hit. And you just know that the Chiefs, if they have anything left at all in the tank (which is debatable) are going to leave it all on the field at Arrowhead next week (with the same caveat - do they even give a ****?).

This is the time when the Broncos have to show some championship bloodlines. Don't play down to the opponents level. This is the time when you, in the words of Conan the Barbarian, "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women."
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