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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
A guy who's "Revolutionizing the QB position" as the punt protector on the Jets is being called terrible by his teammates on 2 different teams and hasn't improved at all while supposedly working intensely all offseason and year long with QB guru's is really being screwed over because he sucks at what he's supposed to be good at?

You people really need to get a grip on reality
One thing that always jumps out to me is the guy that's always the first one there and the last one out. In my experience, those people are there because they want to be known that way. Personally, I'd rather work my tail off while I'm there and when that siren blows, call it a day and go home. I've outworked many during my normal workday that made a name for themselves as overachievers on the time clock. Some guys have to work late on occasion but the ones that consistently stay later than everyone else are doing so for the sake of staying late or because they can't manage their time during the day.

Again, my experiences.
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