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"Gimmick" QB's get figured out. Look at Michael Vick. A far more talented gimmick QB than Tebow. He was very good early in his career but got figured out. He came back in 2010 with the Eagles and played lights out football for the first 3/4 of that year, a smarter, more mature version of his former self with better coaching. But then he settled back to the mean a little bit the last 1/4 of that season. He was so good overall that the Eagles threw a huge pile of money at him. His average (or worse) play carried into 2011 and now 2012 to the point where the Eagles will cut him loose after this season.

Tebow will never replicate the success he had with the Broncos last year. He had some small bursts of good play that was somehow good enough for the Broncos to pull out some wins against some mostly mediocre (or worse) opponents. But if you were watching without Tebow sunbeams glinting into your eyes you could see that he was mostly awful and that opponents were mostly figuring him out. You can catch opponents off guard with that stuff every now and again but you can't base an offense off of that garbage. Elway and Fox knew it. Fans who weren't worshipping at the Tebow altar knew it. And every other team in the league knew it, including the Jets who don't seem to be in any hurry to insert him as the starter.

You Tebow lovers need to get over it. Great kid. Provided some great moments last year. But not an NFL QB.
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