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Von Miller

Ja vol mon Herr Goodell.. Seig. Heil! Seig. Heil!

Originally Posted by Action View Post
Broncos' Von Miller, Kevin Vickerson fined by NFL


Now it's toward the end of the game. Miller was on a pass rush, got knocked to the ground, crawled and wrapped his arms around quarterback Cam Newton's legs near the ankles. Another Broncos players hit Newton high, but Miller got the penalty for roughing the passer.

Not only did Miller get penalized for hitting below the quarterback's knees, but the league fined him $21,000 Thursday. Miller said he will appeal.

"How am I supposed to know if he threw the ball or not?" Miller said. "I was down on the ground actually the guard facemasked me and threw me into the quarterback. I'm supposed to what? Stand straight up and continue with the tackle?"

Another Broncos defensive player, Kevin Vickerson, was fined $15,000 for his horsecollar penalty while sacking Newton.

Read more: Broncos' Von Miller, Kevin Vickerson fined by NFL - The Denver Post

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