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Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
Never thought about this before, but that's exactly the type of free agents Shanahan brought in for the Super Bowl years. I'm going to guess he didn't do that on purpose because of the type of guys he brought in later on. But clearly, Elway was paying attention to the personnel moves that helped turn that team into champions.
Actually I belove mikey brought in class players UFA at a time when most teams were not heavy in that market place, because it was yet so new.

Once others saw the success we had they jacked the prices up so bad we could not longer get that quality players needed to sustain the level of play.

We were cap heavy during those years after the superbowls. So because of all failed top picks during that time frame mikey was looking more and more for quick fixes. And the level of talent was just not in our price range so we took riskier players. Until it was to late.
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