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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
To be fair to Doom he hasn't exactly had stellar DTs playing next to him to help in the run game.
I agree but then who was to blame for that..

Personally I was asking for Buckley in the draft and many other DTs, while mikey continued DAFTING lousy player..

I have always believed that you win and lose games on the LOS..

if you have control of the LOS then everyone behind them are just that much better.

tell me the last time the Broncos controlled the LOS on either side consistently.. and lets not talk about the ZBS after the real OL guys retired we could not do squat inside the red zone and inside the five it was a joke except for one year when Anderson was our RB.. and maybe when Bell had damned near as many TDs as he did yards..

TWO BIG backs that could power their way in.. what did mikey do traded them so his tater could be a hero..

we had a great Offense between the 20's inside the ed zone zip.. whoops I forgot automatic Elam.. every year the EOY presser was the same we are one or two players away and we have to improve inside the Red Zone..

Now we actually have some horsepower on the LOS especially on the DL, OL may take another year or two to build them up physically and coach techniques.. They are pretty good now, but the kiddies are here to stay and getting better by the game.. We should see another jump in output with another real off season..
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