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Originally Posted by hambone13 View Post
Why do you always have to be the combative one? It's clearly no intent to harm. Any objective fan on here would feel precisely the same way. But no, LoneCock has to come in and stir the pot.
Now who is being combative. Name calling that is beneath you or at least it used to be. .

What obsess you off is you know I'm correct in what I'm saying.
While most are being emotional or juvelinile about it.

I'm giving the facts and frankly it seems that YOU CAN'T handle it.

Let's repeat the facts..
  1. They were fined for braking the rules.
  2. Because they are broncos everyone is butt hurt about it.
  3. If it were Manning most would be out raged.
  4. The Commissioners office is doing the job they were hired to do.
  5. The refs flagged it because it was a foul.
  6. The owners made the rule to protect the QBs.

Now I personally do not agree with the fine, but it is not in my wheel house ( translated I have zero power to change it). Nor does anyone else on here the pissing and moaning should be directed at the OWNERS. (for you über liberals the fat cat billionaires).

So IN YOUR OPINE I'm wrong for pointing out facts.

Yep that is logical.
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