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Louis Wright

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Sure winning those games was great.....but his contributions to our team were no more impressive than Bubby Brister keeping the Ferrari out of the ditch by going 4-0 keeping the Broncos quest of a perfect season intact or when Gus Frerotte went 5-1 down the stretch after we were 6-4....

In his six games (5 starts) Gus led the Broncos to 5 wins...scored 38 points in 4 of them (scored 38 in 3 consecutive games too) and came off the bench to win Mile High Stadium's final game....but he was ineffective vs. the Raven juggernaut D (who the **** wasn't?) and has been ripped on here mercilessly by the majority of members.....

I guess you're only as good as your last game as a Bronco. At least Gus could throw the damn ball adequately...
See, this is what I don't get. I understand you think Tebow is not a great passer - I agreed with you. I understand you don't think his style can work long time, I agreed with that too. And it's certainly you prerogative if you did not find last year as amazingly fun as I did.

But why do you hate Tebow so much (and your whole tone screams it)? Your hate is as irrational to me as the love of the Tebow faithful. Just don't get it.
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