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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Sure he let me ask you if any of his team mates made plays as well? Because all we heard from the nuthugging legion of clowns that adored him was the OL sucked, the WR's sucked, the coaches, FO, and playcalling sucked, the defense sucked....

And after he was jettisoned they stepped up their attacks on those aforementioned team mates and coaching staff and FO (and those that supported the decision) Not to mention they dismissed the FA's like Tamme, Dreesen, Stokley, Adams, Porter, Leonhard, Koppen, etc.that Elway brought in as being the dregs available because Elway waited on Manning's decision

And yet now this team-

[]has been in EVERY ****ing game

[]is a top 10 team in offense and defense,

[]and is in 1st place, a SB favorite in most NFL media type's opinions and poised to take a potential 3 game lead in the AFC West despite having the same two WR's, FO, coaching staff, HC and bottom feeder FA's that were constantly b****ed about on here by the likes of those loyal to Tebow.

so tell us.... how is that possible?
Yes, other people made plays (a lot of them in fact), that's been my entire point. It's like the football is a team game or something.
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