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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
Probably not since Elam is tied for the NFL record at 63 yards...

And I don't disagree with the rest of it. Tebow looked a lot like a project who was thrown in to start too early (he still looks like that, but that's the Jets problem now). Can Tebow develop still? I used to think so, but have a lot more doubt this year, especially given the team he went to.

DENVER (AP) Swedish kicker Ola Kimrin, who has little chance of sticking with the Denver Broncos with Jason Elam in front of him, made a 65-yard field goal Thursday night against Seattle.

The Broncos had the ball at the Seattle 48 with 7 seconds left in the first half, when Jarious Jackson threw the ball out of bounds to set up a final play.

The crowd stirred as Kimrin ran out to attempt the kick from his own 45, then let out a huge roar when the ball sailed through the uprights with a few yards to spare as time expired.

Kimrin was mobbed by teammates as he ran toward the sideline, and Denver tight end Shannon Sharpe grabbed the ball and gave it to him as they left the field.

Elam hit a 63-yard field goal in 1998 to tie Tom Dempsey for the longest field goal in league history. Exhibition games do not count in the league record book.

Kimrin led NFL Europe in field goals this year with 12 for Frankfurt. His long was 52 yards.
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