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T J Ward

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Do you remember that guy that kicked a 65 yd field goal for the Broncos like 5 or 10 years ago? Me either.

The league is about consistency. It's not enough to be good sometimes. Tebow was good sometimes but even being good half the time isn't enough if the bad portion is just atrociously bad. At many times, Tebow was atrociously bad.
Probably not since Elam is tied for the NFL record at 63 yards...

And I don't disagree with the rest of it. Tebow looked a lot like a project who was thrown in to start too early (he still looks like that, but that's the Jets problem now). Can Tebow develop still? I used to think so, but have a lot more doubt this year, especially given the team he went to.
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