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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Yeah, I think Mayock said he thought he would need a few years also. He basically played 1 year of college football and that scared alot of people, that he was going to be a 1 year wonder in college football. Mayock said he had loads of ability but was very raw and could take some time but he thought in the end, he could be the best defensive player taken in that draft.

Ayers is emerging. It's up to him to keep improving. His first year here I thought he was trying to get by on purely physical ability (sounds like most rookies huh) but he's slowly started to mold into a really nice threat. I think I heard during last game that also in previous year they were not sure about his optimum playing weight but now they think they finally have that figured out. He does look a little more lean this year. Also, and this is a big one. He frankly wasn't surrounded with the best coaching and players the 1st year or 2. At the end of this year, I think he'll be pushing Doom as the starter. I think he plays the run much better then Doom and now he's finally showing the ability to get to the QB, with some sacks and really a good amount of pressures.
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