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AJ Smith:
2003 1st Round: Sammy Davis; out of football.
2004 1st Round: Philip Rivers; currently 31st in Total QBR in NFL; just a guy.
2005 1st Round: Shawn Merriman; out of football.
2005 1st Round: Luis Castillo; out of football.
2006 1st Round: Antonio Cromartie; NY Jets; just a guy.
2007 1st Round: Buster Davis: out of football.
2008 1st Round: Antoine Cason; just a guy.
2009 1st Round: Larry English; utterly useless.
2010 1st Round: Ryan Matthews; jury still out.
2011 1st Round: Cory Luiget; jury still out.
2012 1st Round: Melvin Ingram; jury still out.

How many hundreds of millions did AJ waste on those picks? Probably north of a 1/4 billion (250 million+) dollars.
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