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Covering the tight end. I think DJ is better than Mays or Brooking at dropping back in coverage so we might see some improvement there, but good pass-catching TEs seem to have great games against us.

Definitely agree on the fumbles. Thomas holds it like a loaf of bread when he starts to motor down field
Thomas fumbles have been highly over exaggerated. Not to say he isn't responsible, but those were just all freak plays (not like McGahee's fumbles).

Thomas has 3 fumbles on the year...

Fumble 1 - many people don't remember, but this fumble was when the game was over and the clock was 0:00 and everyone was just throwing laterals... he happened to throw the last lateral and the other team got it. Game over. Meaningless.

Fumble 2 - fumbled the ball trying to switch hands...

Fumble 3 - caught the ball and got tackled a millisecond later before he could fully secure the ball.

Thomas obviously hasn't fumbled since then. Manning has just as many fumbles as Thomas.
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