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Default Ready! Set! Rush!

The only weakness I see on the Broncos this year, is the ability to pick up 1st downs rushing the ball. McGahee is great, but I want to see Hillman step up as a solid and explosive #2 option. McGahee is on pace for about 285 carries...which is a bunch for a 31-year-old RB. The Colts leaned heavily on Dominique Rhodes to win the SuperBowl in 2007. I have always thought that if the Broncos can get at least 4.0 ypc, then we have a good chance to pick up first downs, get to the playoffs, and win the Superbowl. Where do we sit now?

2012 - Broncos, 3.8 (26th)

Where do we rate historically?

Past 10 SuperBowl Champion rushing statistics:
2011 - Giants, 3.5 ypc (32nd)
2010 - Packers, 3.8 ypc (25th)
2009 - Saints, 4.5 ypc (7th)
2008 - Steelers, 3.7 ypc (29th)
2007 - Giants, 4.6 ypc (4th)
2006 - Colts, 4.0 ypc (16th)
2005 - Steelesr, 4.0 ypc (12th)
2004 - Patriots, 4.1 ypc (18th)
2003 - Patriots, 3.4 ypc (30th)
2002 - Buccaneers, 3.8 (28th)

Average = 3.94 ypc (20th)

Time to step it up, and boost run production!

Come on Hillman, you can do it!
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