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Because I'm a Broncos fan and always try to look through orange colored lenses, i was all on board with Tim until the end of last season when I realized he just was never going to improve. I said it then,I said it now, i dont think he's that bright, nor do i think football is his top priority (and thats fine!)

But I was def on board with PM and, like the guy said above, even if he never took a Broncos snap, it was the right move. When you have the chance to secure one of the top 5 players to ever play the game, the most cerebral QB the game has ever seen (bar none), you take a chance. And right now, its REALLY paying off. I still cant believe I get to root for this guy every single sunday. Its beyond fun.
I hated Tim and then I got on the bandwagon and I loved the football even though it wasn't that good and hard to wathc at times. I loved beating the Steelers, but I realized durinf Denver's three game losing streak at the end tha the NFL figured Tebow out. Rush 3 or 4 do not blitz keep tebow in the pocket and make him throw the ball. Let him stand back there all day but make him throw. When teams started doing that Tebow could not hit the receivers.

The amazing part was the Steelers come in with this **** you attitude and they blitzed Tebow leaving their CBs one on one and Tebow burned them repeatedly for it.

Remember how painful it was to lose at Mile High to Kyle Orton and the Chiefs 7-3?? ughhh the Steeler game erased the memory of that game for most people but not me.

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