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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
They need to make sure this Oline sticks together. Hopefully this doesn't detour Walton's progress. Koppens long in the tooth ya? Will be interesting to see how the clady contract plays out. Being at the top of the league is ammo for his agent

But not to rain on anyone's parade I do not see them giving Clady the contract he feels and probably would have gotten 5 years ago when OLT were the second most important position on O.

With the advent of the quick passing game, for the most part 3 steps back OR LESS that spot just does not command spending 10mil plus on per year.

Even Franklin as mediocre as he was last year in pass protect has been great this year. So IMO the franchise him, draft an OT in like the second round and move on after a year.
As good as he has been wrapping up 10% or more of your cap for a position that is no longer a premier spot makes no sense dollar wise.
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