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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
It bothers me because you're not looking at the context of the situation. You make it sound like the Broncos had the worst season before signing PFM. It was the total opposite. The franchise just came off a miserable 2-14 season. Orton stinks up the house with a 1-4 start. Tebow gets the start and we finish with a 8-8 record and a playoff birth. Broncos upset Pittsburgh in playoff overtime and every Broncos fan was riding high. This was a magical season for every Broncos fan. We were the underdog yet we defied the odds. Naysayers was dogging Tebow and he proved them wrong. Many Broncos fans were looking forward to next season. Then Elway wanted to sign a QB that had a career threatening injury and hasn't played a snap for over a year. Everyone wanted to give Tebow a chance at once more season and a repeat of the magical run.

Instead of talking about kicking asses, trying understanding the situation first.
Umm, Tebow didn't prove anyone wrong, and in fact he proved them right, and continues to do so even wearing another uniform.....

Nobody said he couldn't help this team win games...they said he sucked at throwing the ball...and he does. His game vs. Steelers was the exception, not the rule...keep in mind about 140 of his 316 yards passing (44%) were made after the catch by Thomas alone.

According to those that have called myself and other posters on here all kinds of ****, this entire team was a bunch of dip****s incapable of winning save for the one guy they ballgargled all over....that Elway was an idiot, fox and the coaching staff were even bigger idiots.

Don't take my word for the threads, read the vile venom that they vomited and try to comprehend what those clowns were saying about Elway, Fox, Manning and the rest of Broncos staff and fans alike that wanted Manning over Tebow....and then tell me calling them out is misguided.
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