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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Errand you're discounting the fact that we were a month removed from our first playoff win in five years and Tebow took us to a ton of come from behind victories. At least in my case it was never a knock on Manning aside from his age and the perception that we were a few years away from being an elite D.

It's easy to be unemotional now but you're discounting the emotion at that time. My vote for Tebow was more about "why I root for sports teams" than it was about who would actually be the better QB. It was a conflicted time.

Now, the choice is clear.
I'm not discounting any emotion. Everyone loved kicking the Steeler's asses....even those you guys labelled as "haters". as for the choice being the **** could it have ever been muddied? It's not like elway was looking into swapping Tebow for Gabbert or Sanchez or even trying to go back to was Manning vs. Tebow. I don't care if Manning had one ****ing arm and it was his left arm at that...he was the better option.

I find it amazing that when people voiced legitimate concerns about Tim's ability to throw the ball, read defenses, and basically play the QB position at a high level, (because there's no other reason other than just pure unadulterated hatred according to them) they were constantly attacked as being haters and still to this day have been called some vile things.

Nope, sorry 'ol boy...I know I'm not alone when I say that those who attacked Elway, Bowlen, the FO and coaching staff over pursuing and signing Manning deserve to be called out....the shoe is on the other foot and it's being shoved halfway up their asses by this team's play and potential and I am loving it.
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