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Originally Posted by errand View Post
I don't think you do....see, if people "got it", they wouldn't have said some of the venomous things they said about Elway basically destroying this team.....but don't take my word for it, just peruse through the threads where people were b****ing about Elway even checking into whether Manning was remotely interested in coming to Denver

Then to top it off, after NFL trainers and executives and coaches had seen private workouts and checking his progress...even after video proof he was gonna be fine, we still had some on here that thought it was a mistake of collossal proportions, as evidenced by those who answered the following poll question

Who do you want as the Broncos starting QB in 2012

Tim Tebow
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48 27.43%

Looking at this list of usual suspects, and reading some of the posts they made being highly critical and nowhere being even remotely cautiously optimistic of the pursuit and subsequent signing of Manning, not to mention the vile **** some of them spewed after he became our QB and that other guy was jettisoned

Sorry if my calling them out bothers you, but anyone who didn't want Peyton Manning as our starting QB this season for any reason needs to have their ass kicked up between their shoulder blades.....sorry that only a few of us have the balls to put the boots on and deliver them their ass kicking by pointing out how stupid they truly were for thinking or expecting any other result would have happened, than what is currently happening before our eyes as we witness this team play up to it's full potential.
It bothers me because you're not looking at the context of the situation. You make it sound like the Broncos had the worst season before signing PFM. It was the total opposite. The franchise just came off a miserable 2-14 season. Orton stinks up the house with a 1-4 start. Tebow gets the start and we finish with a 8-8 record and a playoff birth. Broncos upset Pittsburgh in playoff overtime and every Broncos fan was riding high. This was a magical season for every Broncos fan. We were the underdog yet we defied the odds. Naysayers was dogging Tebow and he proved them wrong. Many Broncos fans were looking forward to next season. Then Elway wanted to sign a QB that had a career threatening injury and hasn't played a snap for over a year. Everyone wanted to give Tebow a chance at once more season and a repeat of the magical run.

Instead of talking about kicking asses, trying understanding the situation first.
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