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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Errand you're discounting the fact that we were a month removed from our first playoff win in five years and Tebow took us to a ton of come from behind victories. At least in my case it was never a knock on Manning aside from his age and the perception that we were a few years away from being an elite D.

It's easy to be unemotional now but you're discounting the emotion at that time. My vote for Tebow was more about "why I root for sports teams" than it was about who would actually be the better QB. It was a conflicted time.

Now, the choice is clear.
Exactly. It wasn't about who was a better QB. EVERYONE agreed that Manning was a better QB. BUT.....the question for me was age, durability, trading away a guy that could POTENTIALLY get better for a guy that while he's the best ever, only has a couple years left. To me it was about INVESTMENT.

I'm thrilled Peyton is our QB. At the time, however, I simply questioned trading a "potential long-term QB" for a guy who will give us 3 years tops. Especially when we weren't absolutely sure how much his nerve would recover.

Nobody expected Manning to be as good as he's been this year (on pace for personal best in yardage, MVP candidate, etc).....especially considering the year off and major injury. The unanswered question WERE there......but they have been answered. Great time to be a Broncos fan.
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