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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
BTW real class with the pea brain comment, juvenile at best.. that said..
You made a stupid assumption and peabrain is now your new nickname.

BUT hear me they are moving on..
You said this at the beginning of the season, then again at the time of DJ's second suspension announcement. You continually repeat this, and he hasn't been let go, he's stuck around. In fact he's stuck around for almost a decade. You don't stick around that long unless the organization respects you. Did he make mistakes? Yes, and I am 100 percent sure the organization is getting him the proper help that he needs. Elway more than anyone would know exactly what DJ is going through with regards to the drinking problem.

they may coach speak glowing terms of DJ, but that is all it is..

IIRC Elway spoke of Tebow much the same way last year and minutes later he was a Jet..
Just shows that Elway knows that talent wins games in this league. Hence why he held on to DJ this season, despite your failed predictions that he would be cut immediately.
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