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Simon Fletcher

"The Broncos have found their swagger back, which is great, but they are in danger of watching the pendulum swing too far the other direction and it's being spearheaded by new Broncos that don't seem to understand just how tough it used to be.
The blowout win over the Panthers demonstrated an attitude the Broncos haven't shown in years and it's an attitude that can have dangerous consequences if not channeled."

Is this guy enjoying the ride? Seems like a bleeding heart feeling sorry for the other team. Look author/blogger, no other team that came into Mile High the last decade cared to let the Salute stay with those former Broncos and did it anyways to redicule our team and fans. **** is just coming back to those other players. Furthermore, why should Von Miller be too humble when he wasn't around during the McDaniels reign?
Where I do agree on the blogger is the Holliday bull**** of showboating and almost getting embarrassed by his action. Would I rather have Carter do his own celebration then to mimic and make fun of Newton (especially at their stadium)? You bet. Become someone first Carter before ripping someone's schtick off of them. This goes for all those that come to Mile High and use the "Mile High Salute" in our stadium.

For the 2012 Broncos. Have swagger but smarts . We just don't need flava clowns.
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