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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
But I was told last year that this line was garbage and couldn't protect the QB? Could it be subtracting Walton? Changing QB? PEDs? Contract years? I'm gonna go with changing QBs

That 2008 Line was incredible. Think they were least penalized too. Clady and Harris were monsters
Walton was playing at a very high level when he went down.
You have to remember that first year under Josh their OL coach was crap. The second year they had no offseason under a new scheme.
Nor did he or Beadles have any weight training or direction because of the lockout.

Having a real pro OL coach is huge in the development of young players.

I expect them to be just that much better come next year with yet another year of conditioning and weight training.

Is there a difference between orton /tebow and Manning. Light years.
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