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C J Anderson
Default Have Some New Broncos Forgot Where We Came From?

We don't have to look far back to remember the times when the Broncos were considered the laughing stock of the NFL. A team that was a giant disaster. A team devoid of any appreciable Pro-Bowl talent and a team that was destined to bottom feed in one of the worst divisions of the NFL.

Those times were less than 24 months ago.

Those were tough times to be a Broncos fan. I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for players like Champ Bailey who were just hoping and praying their team would turn things around quickly enough so that he had a chance to be under those lights of the Super Bowl. In the end that's really all any NFL player can ask for. Just that chance to win the big one.

There was no chance two years ago that the Broncos were going anywhere anytime soon. There was no chance they would make it to the big dance. There was almost no chance we'd be winning our division in the foreseeable future. We had little draft stock, little trade value and a massive quarterback controversy. Success had to be years away. It's like the Broncos were stuck in Canada with no pants and winter was coming. All we could do was protect our junk.

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