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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
you clearly have an agenda. Frankly you are not winning it. Posting while under the influence or being stoned is not helping get it across.

I do not care if most doctors or nurses would not do it.

All it takes is for one doctor one time to be slow on the uptake to lose a life.

Now that one instance might be tolerable for you. It is not for most if not all folks that also believe DUI is wrong.

You hit a school bus while being high is something I would not tolerate..

If smoking could be contained to something akin of the old opium dens. Then have a ball. ..
But we all know that some moron will get behind the wheel just like drinking and kill someone. Because they thought it was under control.

PWUI is not cool like your think it is.
my agenda is level headed logic not irrational hysteria
no offense thar but well ........
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