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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
I don't think we can under-estimate what a Keith Brookings brings to our defense.

Old? Yes.

Leader? Hell Yes!

Brookings was "The guy" for the Falcons for over a decade. The Cowboys signed him for his veteran leadership. He is a leader of men....ala Peyton Manning...for our defense.

Let's face it....our defense the last 5-7yrs have had DJW and Champ....good guys...very good to great players.....but leaders? Maybe...but, obviously not what's been needed.

I agree with working DJW in b/c of his talent...but, not at the expense of our current defensive chemistry!
John Lynch and Brian Dawkins provided some good leadership in the past. I still believe losing Al Wilson really torqued Denver's defense for years, though. I never considered Wilson to be a great tackler, but he could diagnose plays with the best of them and led the defense like a Grandmaster chess player.
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