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I agree Tebow is getting a bad rap. And I'm not a fan. I loved the run last year and the playoff win, but I knew it was a "6-0 McD" style flash in the pan. Still, what's the worst that can be said about him? He is a limited QB? There are far less talented players who have played QB who have been far less fun to watch. He uses the NFL as a platform to espouse his religious views? I don't agree with his views but I don't care, and there have been athletes who have used the platform to express far more asinine sentiments.

It seems most of the vitriol directed at him is more aptly directed at his biggest fans, but it's not really much a mystery why he has so many fans. I mean that run last year was truly remarkable and even if it was a flash in the pan, there was something legitimately special about it.

The Jets players throwing him under the bus may have legitimate gripe with the chorus of fans and media wanting Tebow to play more, but they should direct it at where it's coming from. It's pretty lowball to direct their ire at a teammate who isn't even playing.
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