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Wow still so much emotion around this. And I guess I understand. Let me ask this -

all you Tebow haters, was last year not fantastic? Winning all those games in the last minute and Tebow often doing crazy stuff to get it done? You don't have fond memories of it??.

The last 3 games of the regular season sealed it for me. it was painful to watch so many 0 point quarters. 3 and outs. Seeing a QB only throw it 8 times in a game. That's ugly football. Then I looked over the comebacks and how we actually got into the playoffs. Instead of seeing tebow win against Chicago like tebow lovers do, I saw Marion Barber giving us the win. Instead of letting Tebows KC game slide, I saw rivers having to bail him out in the afternoon on that Sunday. I just don't see him as a starting QB.
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