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Originally Posted by BroncoFanDoug View Post
Wow still so much emotion around this. And I guess I understand. Let me ask this -

all you Tebow haters, was last year not fantastic? Winning all those games in the last minute and Tebow often doing crazy stuff to get it done? You don't have fond memories of it??

All you Tebow lovers - is there any question that the only way he could succeed long term would be for you to build the team around him totally? Do you think it would work long term? Could a QB that is supposed to throw the ball survive running that much? Aren't you glad we have PFM?

Don't really understand the uber hate or uber love that much...
I honestly see myself as just supporting the guy (maybe because of all the jealous hating that goes on).

I don't love Tebow because I know he is limited, but if you gave me a choice between Tebow and Sanchez I am going with Tebow.

Let's give the guy credit for last season and let's be happy we now have a QB who will go down as one of the best ever to play the game. Can't complain as a Broncos fan. I just get tired of the Tebow trashing; especially from Broncos fans. The man gave us a great season last year AND he lead the team past the ****ing pittsburgh steelers. I will always root for him just for those reasons alone and yet I still know that we are better with Peyton obviously but I am not going to sit here and say **** Tebow. He did nothing but good for this organization. He doesn't deserve the petty bull ****, especially from loser teammates that are just good at, well...losing.
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