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Default defense in 2nd half vs

Possibly the best stretch of defensive football I can remember seeing - certainly from the Broncos. I was at the game and this mostly happened on the opposite end of the field so I didn't really get a feel for how dominant this all was, but watching it on TV tonight...holy cow.

let's pick it up after the Manning fumble (penalties removed):

Panther possession 1:
1-10 CAR 34 Cam Newton pass incomplete short left intended for Brandon LaFell is intercepted by Tony Carter at CAR-40 and returned for 40 yards, touchdown
Great penetration and hustle by Miller, forcing the pick-6.

Panther possession 2:
1-15 CAR 6 DeAngelo Williams right guard for -5 yards (tackle by Von Miller)
2-20 CAR 1 Cam Newton pass complete short middle to Brandon LaFell for 21 yards (tackle by Danny Trevathan)
1-10 CAR 22 Cam Newton pass incomplete short left intended for Steve Smith (defended by Robert Ayers)
1-10 CAR 35 DeAngelo Williams left end for no gain (tackle by Derek Wolfe)
2-10 CAR 35 Cam Newton pass incomplete short right intended for Steve Smith
3-10 CAR 35 Cam Newton sacked by Chris Harris for -3 yards
only bad spot - the big play to LaFell. Outside of that, there was 1 sack, on tackle for a loss, and Cam had constant pressure every time he was back to pass. The defense was absolutely flying around the ball. There was one additional sack that had a horse-collar 15 yarder tacked on - ticky tack call, if you ask me.

Panther Possession 3:
1-10 CAR 22 DeAngelo Williams left guard for 4 yards (tackle by Justin Bannan)
2-6 CAR 26 Cam Newton pass complete short left to Greg Olsen for 4 yards (tackle by Wesley Woodyard and Tony Carter)
3-2 CAR 30 Cam Newton up the middle for -4 yards (tackle by Von Miller)
the 3rd and 2 stop by Miller - wow.

panther possession 4:
1-10 CAR 20 Jonathan Stewart for -4 yards (tackle by Von Miller). Jonathan Stewart fumbles (forced by Von Miller), recovered by Jordan Gross at CAR-16
2-14 CAR 16 Cam Newton pass incomplete short right intended for Louis Murphy
3-14 CAR 16 Cam Newton pass incomplete short right intended for Brandon LaFell (defended by Robert Ayers)
Panther possession 5:
1-15 CAR 6 Cam Newton pass complete short right to Mike Tolbert for 8 yards (tackle by Keith Brooking)
2-7 CAR 14 Cam Newton sacked by Robert Ayers for -12 yards
3-19 CAR 2 Cam Newton sacked by Mike Adams for -2 yards, safety
hell of a sack by Ayers, bringing them back to the 2.

in 5 panther possessions, the Broncos logged:
  • 1 defensive TD
  • 1 safety
  • 1 int
  • 1 forced fumble
  • 3 sacks
  • 3 tackles for a loss (all by Von Miller)
  • 7 net yards (excluding penalties)
  • 4 plays went for positive yards, 6 plays that went for negative yards.
  • 3 three-and-outs

I don't care who you are - '85 Bears, '00 Ravens...That's a fantastic stretch of defensive football.
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