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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
you clearly have an agenda. Frankly you are not winning it. Posting while under the influence or being stoned is not helping get it across.

I do not care if most doctors or nurses would not do it.

All it takes is for one doctor one time to be slow on the uptake to lose a life.

Now that one instance might be tolerable for you. It is not for most if not all folks that also believe DUI is wrong.

You hit a school bus while being high is something I would not tolerate..

If smoking could be contained to something akin of the old opium dens. Then have a ball. ..
But we all know that some moron will get behind the wheel just like drinking and kill someone. Because they thought it was under control.

PWUI is not cool like your think it is.
You act as if these things would happen if it were legalized. And most of what you are talking about would happen with alcohol. I get the sense you've never smoked before.

That one doctor or nurse that is dumb enough to smoke and then go to work is the one that is going to do that whether it is legal or not.

Now I know there may be an instance where someone may smoke and drive. That could happen if it's legal or not legal. With marijuana the odds are much, much less than with alcohol because smokers do not lose all inhabitions and think they can drive. Most smokers don't want to drive. And most of the time when a smoker is in an accident and tested positive, it's 3 days later because it takes it so long to leave the system and was not the cause of the accident.

I smoked every day for 40 years. Never had an accident, in fact only one ticket for driving a unregistered car. Never smoked before or at work. Never neglected my children. Quit 3 years ago when work decided to do random drug tests. No withdrawals, no unstoppable cravings, no big deal. Yep, I'd love to do it again and I will but my job is more important right now.

Oh yeah, old opium dens would be akin to bars. Bars, where someone has to drive home. My home is just fine.
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