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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
I don't know. This just seems like a lot of Tebow hate to me just because he gets all the endorsements and the poor jets players are getting jealous. EVERYONE knows he is ****ty player in practice and has coaches going "you got to be kidding me" during the week.

But let's give him credit. He produces and wins when it matters, gameday. Say what you will, but like skip bayless famously said "he's a winner"

I am still a Tebow supporter. Of course getting Manning is a no brainer, duh! HOWEVER, Tebow will always trump Sanchez in my eyes. Sanchez is polar opposite of Tebow. He has tools and can't do **** because he is not a winner.

Give Tebow a chance. On second thought, don't give him a chance because I am not even sure he could do well in that **** show of an environment. When he gets traded or let go, he will prove himself with some other team.

So to summarize, I am glad the Broncos have Manning but I will always support Tebow because he is a winner, unlike a lot of these ****ing loser jets suddenly talking in the media.
.563 % of time he is "a winner"

.438 % of the time he is "a loser"

So is he just "a winner"?
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